The following information is provided as training reference materials for the CFCS. Please feel free to use these materials in any way necessary to better help understand the use and application of the CFCS.

We are always looking for video clips or presentations of different CFCS levels that can be posted to this website. Please contact if you can help.

Video Player

Using the CFCS (30 minutes)
This was recorded during a live thirty minute presentation. It does NOT contain videos of individuals demonstrating different CFCS levels.

 Technical Note: Depending on your internet browser’s capabilities, you may need to right-click on this link CFCS Video and save the linked file in order to view the video on your computer.

Standardizing the Use of the CFCS_KT Intervention
This PowerPoint describes standardizing the use of the universal CFCS.
Cunningham, B.J., Rosenbaum, P. & Hidecker, M.J.C. (2015). Promoting consistent use of the Communication Function Classification System (CFCS). Disability and Rehabilitation. Published online March 24, 2015. DOI:10.3109/09638288.2015.1027009.